Food Services

International Food Table
So many tasty dishes to choose from, so why not try them all. Come out and taste the culture, heritage of the Rawlinson International Food Table. Like a buffet, 1 ticket gets you a small serving of one item and you can just keep filling the plate until you’re satisfied.

“Hot off the Grill”┬áthe traditional BBQ Lunch of Hamburger & Hotdogs.

Also, look for the Bubble Tea Stand!!

Grade 7’s Bake Sale / Cafe
Leave room for dessert or just take break and watch the show. What’s the best thing to finish up a meal then with something sweet from our baked goods table.
freeziesIce Cold Treats
Looking to cool down, go get those Ice Cold Treats. You can find a selection of freezies & cold icy goodness.
Midway Treats
Who can resist the traditional fun fair snacks of cotton candy & popcorn.